At Artisan we strive to offer fantastic results with hardwoods being at the heart of our business. They offer great durability, unrivaled strength, and beautiful complex grain structures.


European Oak

Very hard, heavy, and dense hardwood, known for its beautiful grain and ray-like features.

Also known as African Teak, this hardwood is very durable, dense, and boasts good strength properties comparing well with Teak. Iroko also has minor moisture movement and so it's fairly stable.

Sapele is reddish-brown in colour and possesses a similar density to that of Iroko, known to be of moderate durability.  

A stable, pale yellow hardwood with excellent strength capabilities and workability. Considerably softer than the above hardwoods but also cheaper.

Known for its striking colour, It's moderately hard and boasts good strength properties whilst also being somewhat durable.

Very similar to European Oak on the whole but boasts a higher density which provides higher strength. This hardwood also varies somewhat more in colour compared to European Oak.

Also known as American Yellow Poplar or Canary Wood, This hardwood has similar strength properties to that of Idigbo, and is slightly durable with medium moisture movement.

A medium-density hardwood with a beautiful appearance, average moisture movement, and low durability. Best used for interior use.